For a long time now I've been feeling a growing need to shoot families in a much more real way. At home, hanging out, just doing the things you do. We live in a little house with unremarkable light and enough clutter to fill a space twice it's size so I'm well versed in hunting for the beauty in the everyday when photographing my own kids, and though it can be difficult, I love the way these images give you a peek into the workings of a family. A tiny snippet of exactly how you were in this fleeting moment. When I first started shooting families I wanted to get outside, far away from the white studio background that was so popular when I started almost four years ago, and as much as I still really love the outdoor adventure shoots, when the kids can run free and be surrounded by our beautiful countryside, there is something about these simple, wholesome, real pictures that just sings to me and seriously tugs at my heart strings.